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The Onsen


        The Onsen Hot Spring Resort is like a new look for tourism in Songgoriti. Previously, Songgoriti was not only famous as a park tourist spot and also a souvenir shop, but also its hot springs. However, the hot springs in Songgoriti are not well known to the wider community. So another alternative is the emergence of innovation in the form of The Onsen Hot Spring Resort.

         The Onsen Hot Spring Resort offers accommodation with a typical Japanese-style panorama, also features a hot spring, which in Japanese is called Onsen. This is the only resort in Batu that has a Japanese feel. The visitors who come will feel the experience of being in the Land of Sakura. Everything in The Onsen Hot Spring Resort area is Japanese-style, from the garden design, interior and exterior design of the inn, to the receptionist who dresses up in Japanese style wearing a kimono.

         The facilities provided for visitors who stay there are lodging and onsen and can enjoy a menu of Japanese specialties, such as Susi and Ramen. Overall, The Onsen Hot Resort can accommodate as many as 500 visitors. Meanwhile, if you stay in the Grand Ball Room itself, the capacity is around 200 people. For those of you who don't stay overnight, you can also enjoy Batu Onsen, by paying a fee of IDR 50,000 / person. Those of you who want to take pictures or take selfies with Japan, they will be dressed in Japanese style by wearing Kimono clothes.

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