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Angkut Museum


This largest transportation museum in Indonesia stands on an area of ​​3.8 ha. Inaugurated on March 9, 2014. The collection of this museum can also be said to be quite fantastic, which is approximately 500 collections. With 300's in the form of cars. And the other 200's are other transportation. Zone In Museum Angkut :

1. Education Zone The first time you enter, this zone will welcome native friends. Here, there are many types of vehicles from time to time. This is also where the Chrysler Windsor deluxe is located. The vehicle was used by President Soekarno.

2. Indonesian Transportation Equipment Zone There are various types of vehicles available such as carriages, from the era of the Dutch East Indies government to the present. There are also Onthel bikes lined up neatly. And the car of the past belonging to this horrific rich businessman.

3. Airport Runway Zone Here, native friends will be served with a presidential plane. Native friends can enter this plane from the runway which is also used for other aircraft.

4. Chinatown and Sunda Kelapa Zone China area will be felt here. All vehicles of the Chinese community are also presented here as well as the types of transportation that existed in the Dutch colonial era.

5. Vintage Car Zone Antique cars will line up magnificently in this area. Native friends can also take photos with the cars from the Museum Angkut collection.

6. Gangster Town Zone This is a gangster city like in the movies complete with prisoners and prisons. The atmosphere is also made as close as possible, so it's a little gripping, with several statues that have been set.

7. European Zone Feel the charm of European transportation with various kinds and types of very interesting cars.

8. Buckingham Palace Zone Going to Buckingham Palace is the most fun. Take a picture with the flower girl and also the queen of England. Or take a circular train to this area. see various kinds of British royal vehicles.

9. Las Vegas Zone The last zone, the zone that brings native friends is like being in Las Vegas, America, the atmosphere seems very similar to the original and as a closing, native friends will be entertained by train transportation. Feel the fun of ancient trains with various kinds of atmosphere. Nusantara Floating Market Still in the museum area, more precisely in the parking area. There is a floating market for the archipelago. Here, native friends will be brought to enjoy the market that stands on a river. Like the one in Bandung with its floating market. Or also in Banjarmasin which is phenomenal. Not only selling a variety of food menus. However, this area also sells a variety of beautiful and interesting souvenirs. Well, this area has also been separated by huts with the names of cities in Indonesia. For example, the Jepara hut, then hut will sell everything related to Jepara.

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Important Notice

  • Entrance Ticket (Weekday) : 80.000
  • Entrance Ticket (Weekend) : 100.000
  • Motorcycle : 2.000
  • Car : 5.000
  • Bus : 10.000
Main Hall
When visitors first enter the Angkut museum building, they will be greeted by the first zone, namely the main Hall zone. In the main zone, find various collections of transportation from various countries and times. The beauty of the car collection in the main hall is enveloped by the beauty of exotic lights, giving a luxurious impression. Visitors will be amazed by the collection of the best transportation in the city of Malang
Hollywood Zone
The impression of a Hollywood atmosphere is felt when visitors set foot in this zone. The Hollywood zone is one of the favorite zones owned by the Angkut Malang museum. Here, tourists will see a collection of transportation that is often used when shooting in Hollywood films which people often call concept cars, there is also a statue of the Hulk figure as well.
European Zone
Big European countries such as the Netherlands, England, Italy, Germany, and France are presented so epically in the nuances of the night combined with a collection of typical blue continent transportation to complement the conditions of the city. Miniatures in the form of national icons are also displayed here, such as the Eiffel Tower, a replica of the German wall, the Nutcracker police, the Big Bang Bridge, and the Harrods ornament.
Floating Market Zone
As the name suggests, in the floating market zone of the Angkut museum, tourists will meet various sellers who offer various culinary snacks and various accessories for the Angkut museum. The design of the floating market is made as traditional as possible to resemble the atmosphere of the floating market in Margasari village in Balikpapan Regency. In the floating market at the Angkut museum, there are at least 30 booths selling various souvenirs and it looks very unique to the presence of rowing boats from the floating market.
Education Zone
For those of you who want to feel the sensation of education so felt, then the education zone is the answer. According to the administration, the education zone has a land area of up to 900 meters which contains various histories of transportation from time to time in Indonesia and throughout the world.
Las Vegas Zone
American Las Vegas gate icon will give color to your beautiful night. There were various models of cars passing by, the Las Vegas light signboard, Miniature Lasvegas, was so thick. A fun atmosphere will also be felt in the Las Vegas zone area.
Sunda Kelapa Zone
Before becoming the capital city of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta was formerly named by the Dutch government as Batavia. In the Batavia zone in the past when it became a famous port in its era. Tourists will find the atmosphere of the old days, there are replicas of the Syahbandar tower and various types of transportation vehicles in the past.
D'Mask Kingdom Zone
This museum not only presents transportation vehicles but there are also various collections of masks throughout the archipelago. Inside the mask museum, there is also a collection of Pekalongan batik, Yogyakarta batik, and Solo batik. The atmosphere of classic (antique) is felt there.
Buckingham Palace Zone
England is a developed country that is very well known throughout the world, the British government is still in the form of a kingdom that inhabits Buckingham Palace. Various world-class means of transportation such as Blackburn, Rolls Royce, Triumph, Mini Cooper, Matchless, Austin, Royal Enfield, Francis Barnett, Filler, and many other cool cars. All luxury vehicles are presented at the Malang Stone Transport museum. There was even a Land Rover car that was used by Queen Elizabeth during the parade on the Australian continent.
China Zone
The country that has the largest number of people in the world is made an imitation at the Angkut museum. In the Chinese zone, there are various Chinese ornaments and all replicas related to the Chinese community such as lanterns, traditional clothes, typical Chinese snacks, and others.
27 runway
Right on the top floor of the Malang vehicle museum building, on the 3rd floor, there is an original Boeing 737 airplane. Inside the Boeing 737, there is a cockpit simulator game that can be used as a simulation of controlling the plane as it really is. However, to ride Runway 27, visitors must pay an additional fee in addition to the entrance ticket.
Gangster Town & Broadway Street
The Angkut Malang museum ride in the Gangster Town & Broadway Street zone is deliberately placed at the bottom of the list. Not because this zone is less attractive, but on the contrary because this zone is the most favorite zone according to tourist visitor reviews. Not without reason, the article in this zone is similar to an American gangster movie. The location of Broadway street is the dream place of all artists around the world presented with various traditional modes of transportation to parade around.